Biblical basis for Mary as queen

Posted on Jan 25, 2020

In the Davidic kingdom, when a new king assumed the throne, his mother was given the special title gebirah, which in Hebrew means ‘great lady’ or ‘queen.’ As queen mother, she possessed the second most powerful position in the kingdom—second only to the king himself. Since the queen mother was both the wife of the previous monarch and the mother of the current king, she stood as a symbol of the king’s royalty, tying him to his father’s royal blood. In this sense, she guaranteed the legitimacy of the king’s place in the dynastic line of succession. …

Just like the queen mother of the Davidic kingdom, Mary continues to serve as an advocate for the people in the kingdom of God today. This is why we can ask Mary to pray for us. As queen mother, she is the most powerful intercessor in Christ’s kingdom and is able to take our needs to the throne of her Son.

Edward Sri, Treat Her Like a Queen: The Biblical Call to Honor Mary as Royal Mother