Jesus: "The new Adam"

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

Adam and Eve lost Eden not because of a lack on God’s part, but because of a lack on their own part. God provided everything, took care of everything, but the one thing he asked for in return – trust – Adam and Eve did not give. They failed to trust in the greatness of the Father’s love and this failure led to disobedience.

When Jesus went to a garden to begin his Passion, he went as the new Adam. In Gethsemane, he gave the Father the loving obedience that Adam and Eve should have given in Eden but did not. Unlike the first Adam, Jesus responded perfectly to the Father’s love. He left nothing wanting. He did not falter. he understood that obedience would involve great suffering, but his love for the Father knew no bounds. It is this boundless love that Jesus came to Gethsemane to offer the Father, and it is this same love he offers us.

Sr. Maria Frassati Jakupcak, O.P., in Magnificat’s Holy Week 2020 issue